mediteren is live
meditatief zelfonderzoek

In meditation we can make room for the spontaneous experience of love, independent of our circumstances.. Gradually we become less identified with our thoughts, feelings, images and other imprints.

In most forms of meditation we focus our awareness on something specific, such as our breathing, bodily sensations, thoughts coming and going or a visualised image. In meditative self inquiry, we bring our awareness back to the observer itself. Beyond our usual focus on the ephemeral, we can find ourselves as the space in which all appears, our unchanging source. Although it is challenging to express this experience in words, unity, love, gratitude, silence and openness come close.

In meditative self inquiry we ask ourselves certain questions. The central question is: ‘Who am i?’ (some prefer the question ‘What am i?’. In answering questions, we usually consult our mind and memory to find the answer. In meditative self inquiry, we are looking for a direct experience of ourself, instead of a conceptual definition. The moment our mind stops its attempts to answer the question, the true ‘answer’ arises.

Besides the question ‘Who am i?’ we can use our current experiences to guide our awareness back to its source. For example, when we feel tired we can ask ourselves the question ‘Who (or what) is tired?’. Our awareness can be guided back into our true self, free from identification with imprints and qualities. Repetative practice of self inquiry leads to an increasingle deeper experience of our own loving heart. In the clearing of obstacles forgivess can be useful.